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Tips On Choosing The Best Waterjet Cutter

The key to doing any cutting job well is getting the right water jet cutting equipment. When it comes to choosing a waterjet cutter then there are some things that you need to consider.

The features that you need

The main purpose of a waterjet cutter is to make cutting as easy as possible. The waterjet cutting machine needs to be able to handle most of your cutting needs. If you perform detailed cuts then the machine you will need to get a machine that is a bit pricey. The two most important parts that you need to assess when choosing a waterjet cutter are the heads and the stock plates. Waterjets can use either one or two heads. Your cutting cycle will determine whether you need a waterjet cutter with one or two heads. Never buy a stock plate to match your water jet. The best thing to do would be to cut down a large plate to the required size or just leaving it alone to hang beyond the catcher.

Operator costs

Waterjet cutting machines require a skilled operator and programmer to run it. That is why you need to know whether you will get the right person to operate your machine before you buy it. To avoid the hustle of looking for a skilled operator you can buy a machine that has an intelligent control system. Machines with an intelligent control system are easier to operate since you do not need a very skilled operator. These machine are also less complicated and easier to run compared to CNC and CAM machines. You also need to consider whether the operator will be running more than one machine simultaneously. If that is the case then the machine needs some level of automation.
Need for maintenance

A lot of people expect that the operator will handle any maintenance issues. You need to ascertain that the operator is trained on how to maintain the machine. If the operator lacks this training then you can pay for them.

The kind of nesting package you need
There exists various kinds of nesting packages. The most commonly used nesting packages are generic nesting packages that can do all kinds of work. However, if you use a specific process then it is better to get a customized nesting package.

Facility specifications

You require some key facilities when installing a waterjet cutter. You need adequate room for large equipment pieces. You also require adequate power, drainage, water and compressed air. The above tips will help you get a good waterjet cutter.

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