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Benefits of Secondary Air Injection System Repair

The excess fuel injected during enrichment is consumed by the secondary air injection system. This is done in the cold start before reaching the converter. This is very helpful during emission. All cars are required to have a secondary air injection system. This ensures that the emissions are clean and more harmful gases are combusted. When your system fails, it can be very important to repair it. If the damages has affected the surrounding parts it will be more expensive for you. During repairs all these problems can be easily identified by the mechanic.

The secondary air injection generally fails because of a faulty pump. When moisture accumulates it leads to more damage. This often damages the pump more. In this case the system may fail more due to a faulty ground or a faulty supply of voltage. This secondary air injection system may also fail due to blocked and leaking lines. Excess fuel in the secondary air injection system can cause high concentration of un-burnt hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide also becomes highly concentrated in this case. The system fails to work efficiently if the catalytic converter is damaged. Air mixes with excess gases when it gets into the exhaust. In this case it does not burn all of it. The emissions will be increased in this case.

The easiest way to know if your system is damaged is if you hear noises. If the engine hesitates to start up, you may also know you have a problem. Cold weather condition is one of the reasons that damages the secondary air injection system. There is a check valve that protects the secondary air injection system. If the condensed water from the exhaust enters the pump there will be freezing. Failure of the system also arises from this. You will find yourself in serious danger if your secondary air injection system fails. You may suffer a serious accident due to this. During repair you will need to repair the wiring, pressure sensors and any damaged horses.

Repairing a secondary air injection system can help you realize very many benefits. A major advantage of repairing your air injection system is that you get a more efficient car. In this case you will be able to get rid of emissions in a very efficient manner. You will be able to enjoy better economy in this case. You will avoid emitting harmful gases into the environment. You will be protecting other parts of the car. This ensures that your car continues to work properly. The functioning of your car will stop because of faulty belts. Failure to repair the secondary air injection system means you are going to prolong the damage.

The Best Advice About Cars I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Cars I’ve Ever Written