The Work of Jim Plante Will Make the Klotho Hormone More Familiar to the General Public

People in general tend to know at least a little bit about certain naturally occurring hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, melatonin and adrenaline. One hormone that most people probably still aren’t familiar with is known as Klotho, which is a gene and a protein. Because of the work of entrepreneurs like Jim Plante, information about the Klotho hormone is becoming more widely known.

The Function of Hormones

Hormones regulate and control various processes, including sleep, hunger, sex drive and many others. They function as chemical messengers, traveling through the blood to different parts of the body. They have effects on behavior, personality and overall health. Imbalances, such as too much or too little of a specific hormone, can cause a variety of problems.

The Klotho Protein

The Klotho protein is connected with positive effects on longevity, cognitive function and physical health. It is important in the metabolism of certain nutrients. As with some other hormones, production of Klotho tends to decrease with age. Because of Klotho protein’s functions in the body, decreases can increase the risk of degenerative disease and other negative effects.

Mr. Plante and Klotho Therapeutics, one of several companies he has founded, are dedicated to researching the Klotho protein further and using biotechnology to delay or completely prevent degenerative disease. Polycystic kidney disease is the main target at the moment, and the team wants to tackle other serious disorders in the future.

Increasing Natural Production of the Klotho Hormone

Klotho supplements and supplements intended specifically to boost production of this hormone are still unavailable. It’s not like melatonin, which people can take in synthetic form to enhance sleep. It’s also not like testosterone, which can be increased with the use of over-the-counter products designed for this purpose.

Still, people may be able to increase their Klotho levels naturally. One possible way would be to perform muscle-building exercises in a long-term training program. Consuming probiotics may increase natural production of Klotho, although so far, only research with animals has been done to confirm this theory. The increased hormone production would not be enough to ward off debilitating disease, but may still have positive effects.